Thomas Müller

About me

Hi there, I'm Thomas! I'm passionate about all kinds of nerdy things. To list a few: physics, AI, space travel, computers, music, electronics, and, of course, graphics!

I am also principal research scientist at NVIDIA.

My PhD is from ETH Zürich / Disney Research, where I had the pleasure to integrate my work into Disney's Hyperion renderer. I also created several open source projects, including the award winning neural graphics- and 3D-reconstruction tool instant-ngp, the high-speed machine learning framework tiny-cuda-nn, and the image comparison tool tev. In my free time, I enjoy working on a variety of pet projects and, in a past life, I was involved in developing the online rhythm game osu!.

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Selected Personal Projects

Real-Time Transient Rendering

WebGL brute-force path tracer for visualizing the propagation of light through space. This toy project was inspired by femto photography and offline transient rendering [Jarabo et al. 2014], [Bitterli 2016].

Interactive Demo Code (Shadertoy) Video

tev — The EXR Viewer

High dynamic range (HDR) image comparison tool for graphics people. tev allows viewing images through various tonemapping operators and inspecting the values of individual pixels. To find differences, tev can rapidly switch between images and visualize various error metrics.

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osu!tp — Player Ranking System for the Online Rhythm Game osu!

Player ranking system based on automated analysis of gameplay patterns, which eventually became osu!'s official ranking system.

Live Version Code